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How a Storage Unit Helps During a Divorce

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(The following is a Guest Blog courtesy of Desert Storage)
Going through a divorce is a hard enough process. You don’t want to have to worry about storing your possessions or keeping them safe.
That’s why a storage unit is a popular solution when for this tough transition in life. In fact, it can be one of the most helpful things when it comes to staying organized and protecting what’s yours.
If you’re curious as to how a storage unit can help you, check out our reasons below:

It will protect your possessions

Organizing the things you’ve accumulated over a marriage can be one of the most complicated situations during a divorce. But with the help of your storage unit, you can make the process a little smoother.
First, start by taking inventory of all of your major items (think furniture, appliances, decorations, etc.). Then, create a master document where you can assign the label “mine or yours” to each and every item.
Now that you have your appropriate items (and a document to prove it), protect what’s yours by storing it in a storage unit that’s only under your name. Doing so will prevent your soon-to-be ex from having any access to your things.
Here’s another expert tip: If you can’t decide who gets to take your jointly-owned possessions, you can sell the items and divide up the profits equally between you and your partner.

desertstorageIt makes downsizing easier

Going through a divorce usually requires downsizing to a smaller house or apartment. If that’s the case for you, you can use your storage unit to protect possessions until you have the room to store them in your house.
Since you may be storing more fragile items (like wood furniture or appliances), it’s worth considering a climate controlled option for the time being. It may be a year or two before you move into a bigger home, so you want to ensure your items are protected from hot temperatures and/or humidity.

It will keep important documents safe

And finally, the most helpful way to use your storage unit during a divorce is to store your most important documents. In the bustle of dividing up possessions and going through legal hoops, it’s important to know your most important documents are safe.
First, make two copies of any documents you both need to keep—things like a marriage license, car titles or tax returns. Then, use an archival box to store the documents. This will protect the paper from damage over time.
Again, this may be a case where you want to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit. That’s because items like paper or other type of documents are fragile to the outside elements. If it’s not kept in an air-conditioned space, paper tends to yellow at a much quicker rate.

Stay positive and move forward

Divorce can be one of the hardest events in your life. Renting a storage unit will not make the process any less painful, but it can help you stay positive and move toward a fresh start for your future.
If you need help deciding if a storage unit is right for you, speak directly with a storage expert by visiting one of our locations or using our contact page. We’re here to support you during this difficult time, and we’d love to help address any of your concerns.

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