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Employee of the Month Winner Attorney Heather Peláez

March 2023 Employee of the Month Heather Peláez

Employee of the Month Winner Attorney Heather Peláez Recognized for Exemplifying Growth in the Legal Profession

Family Law Attorney Heather, who joined the team this past year, is passionate about helping people improve their lives through her work in family law. She finds great satisfaction in putting her client’s concerns at ease and helping them feel less alone and supported.

After graduating from law school in 2014, Heather began her career in federal criminal defense, which she hated. Her introduction to family law by Ret. Judge Glenn Davis, and Judge Stasy Avelar, awoke something within her. Heather, whose life is managed by spreadsheets, enjoys cooking and spending time with her nephews, and now strives to be the kind of lawyer who inspires others the way that Judge Avelar inspired her. She’s also a fan of playing video games while running the treadmill!

Heather’s accomplishments include finishing high school at 15, being nominated for employee of the year three times at a large credit union in Florida, and passing the Bar Exam in her 3L year without taking a Bar prep class. Her professional superpower is her ability to stay resilient and always have a back-up plan when a strategy fails. Modern Law’s Employee of the Month Winner Attorney Heather Peláez is a recipient of the Pro Bono Service Award and has been admitted to the Arizona State Bar and the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. She was also recognized as a Southwest Super Lawyers Rising Star from 2020-2023.

Heather received our employee of the month award because she exemplifies the core value of growth. She has ramped up her caseload while still training and is always willing to try new things with a smile on her face. Modern Law is proud to have Heather as part of its team, and her dedication to her clients is inspiring.

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