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5 Ways To Stay Mentally Balanced During Divorce

In a recent edition of the Modern Divorce Podcast, Billie Tarascio, the owner of Modern Law, spoke with Divorce Coach Karen McMahon about the unique challenges top corporate performers and other professionals face when personal relationships crumble. Here are the five essential strategies Karen recommends for maintaining composure and focus during such tumultuous times so you can stay mentally balanced during your divorce.

Be Realistic About Your Capacity

There’s a critical need to reconcile one’s professional achievements with the emotional toll of intimate relationship challenges. Recognize that the emotional ‘database’ of divorce can slow down both productivity and emotional stability2.

Avoid Workplace Isolation

Opting for secrecy might seem tempting, but it can be counterproductive. Isolating oneself can lead to misinterpretations regarding your performance and commitment. Instead, confide in a trusted colleague or superior. This ensures there’s someone who understands the pressures you’re under and can offer support.

Reevaluate Your Job Duties

Some job responsibilities can become emotional triggers during a divorce, which Billie talks about in the podcast. Recognize which ones are making you a mess, and talk to your boss, or consider changing the way you deal with these aspects of your work. It might be essential to step back from certain tasks that compound emotional stress, even if it’s just temporary. With time and healing, you can reintegrate these responsibilities.

Maintain Open Communication with Employers

From an employer’s perspective, there’s a stark difference between viewing an employee’s altered behavior as a temporary phase versus a permanent change. Honest communication can help employers interpret your situation more empathetically, providing you with the necessary support and understanding.

Establish a Robust Support System

Karen’s personal journey sheds light on the importance of having a safety net during such emotionally taxing times to avoid the mental melt-down. In addition to legal counsel, consider seeking therapists, financial advisors, and reliable friends. An all-encompassing support system can be the difference between succumbing to and overcoming emotional challenges.

While divorce undeniably presents a series of emotional, financial and legal challenges, adopting these strategies and establishing a supportive network give you the extra backing required make you more resilient. By seeking help you’ll be minimizing the mental frenzy and keep your cool during your divorce.

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