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Challenging Custody Presumptions

This detailed Divorce Help E-Book from Modern Law, derived from our live webinar on March 31, 2022, includes important information on “Challenging Custody Presumptions” from Arizona attorneys Billie Tarascio and Kylie Bigelow.
Billie Tarascio
Modern Law Founder

Some of the topics included in the document below include:

This white paper includes the highlights from our webinar titled “Challenging Custody Presumptions” which details the different ways to protect yourself when you are faced with a high-conflict custody case with an ex-spouse or coparent.


  • Legal Decision Making
  • Parenting Time and Modifications
  • What are the Typical Presumptions?
  • Military Deployment and Long Distance Relationships
  • Work Requirements
  • Opinionated Older Children
  • What Constitutes Domestic Violence
  • Limitations and Conditions

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We want to provide our webinar entrants, network connections, and clients who are interested in divorce services, through Modern Law or I Do Over, to have as enough material to feel confident that they can begin planning, managing and completing their divorce. Below, you can download “Protect Your Business During a Divorce”, completely free in PDF form. If you have any questions, please (480) 571-0346 or via email at info@mymodernlaw. If you would like to book a consultation or would like more details on our firm, click the Attorneys and Resources tabs in the drop downs above!

Challenging Custody Presumptions

Billie Tarascio
Modern Law Founder