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Should your kids decide where they live?

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How are your kids going manage and survive a divorce? Making the wrong decision can leave lifelong scars on a child, and a relationship, so parents often wonder if they’re doing the right thing.
In this video, I take a look a defining question that affects every household of divorced parents with two functioning, albeit separate, parents. Where should the kids live, and should they be allowed to decide who they want to live with?
This may surprise you, but I’ve looked at how kids end up after a divorce once they’re grown adults. There are people whose parents’ divorce scarred them terribly, and lots of people who survived just fine.
Bar none, the most damaging thing to children, in my opinion, is not the divorce, but the loss of a parent. So the answer to the question, “should you kids decide where they live?’ is absolutely a big fat no. Your children should have time with both of their parents whenever possible.
Asking your children to make a decision about those things is putting them in an awful position and too much pressure. That’s giving kids a horrendous choice that could give them years of guilt. By giving them clear rules and structure, and you’ll set them free.

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