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Anatomy of a Family Law Case

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Divorce Attorneys or, family law attorneys, includes everything from orders of protection to pre-nuptial agreements, dissolutions, custody disputes, establishing or disputing paternity, modifying orders and much much more. The world of family law is very emotional and can be quite complicated.

Our attorneys have experience with everything from very basic to very complicated family law issues and can assist you with everything listed above as well as: adoptions, CPS disputes, relocation, motions for reconsideration, spousal maintenance, property division, establishment of back child support, enforcement, the relationship of tribal courts and other jurisdictions to our state courts…you get the point.

We also have a passion for protecting victims and children of domestic violence and work with partner organizations to refer to agencies able to help with counseling, housing, even help with electric bills.

We break a family law case down into the following phases.

1. Initial document drafting. This includes the petition, response, and temporary orders requests.

2. The resolution management conference and/or temporary orders hearings.

3. Discovery. This includes your initial Rule 49 disclosures, interrogatories, requests for admissions, requests for production of documents, depositions and subpoena’s.

4. Trial Preparation. This includes identification of exhibits and witnesses, preparing your joint or separate pretrial statement, negotiations, settlement proposals etc. This may also include a mediation or another form of ADR.

5. Trial or your evidentiary hearing. This is where you present your evidence, witnesses and argue what you would like to see for an outcome.

Our approach to family law is unique. Modern law Attorney Billie Tarascio came up with an alternative to the score of people who run out of money long before their trial.

Access Legal, is a cloud based software for legal document automation. It is also a certified legal document preparation entity. What Billie suggests is that instead of running out of money prior to the final hearing, people may want to consider representing themselves through the initial and discovery phases of their divorce. Using limited scope legal services for coaching, and Access Legal Software to create your personal and professional legal documents, you can save your money to hire an attorney after phase two.

We would love the opportunity to hear your story and act as your advocate.


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