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Mother + Founder Co. : Resources for Women & Small Businesses

Jen Burwell of Mother + Founder Co.

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Burwell of Mother + Founder Co. at our fourth Pro Bono Day in Mesa, Arizona on Dec. 3. Jen brought with her a booth filled will inspiration, motivation and a path toward healing for anyone who came to our event. Her business specializes in “helping women master the and“. Her virtual and in-person coaching courses focuses on the ability to heal as a person, grow as a mother, and develop your own career at the same time.

We wanted to learn a little more about what Mother + founder Co. has to offer, so we had a quick Question and Answer session with Jennifer below:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.
My name is Jennifer Burwell. I am the Founder of Mother & Founder Co. I help people who are going through change and want to experience healing, growth and transformation. I have been helping individuals and teams understand themselves for 13 years. I am a mother to three beautiful humans, two boys and one girl. Our house is always very busy and loud. In my spare time (ha!), I love going for a run in the morning while I listen to my latest favorite on Audible. I am always looking for ways to learn and evolve. In 2020 I was recognized as the Tempe Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year. It was an incredible honor and a funny year to be recognized. I am an avid ice tea drinker and coffee hater. My favorite thing in the world is holding up a (metaphorical) mirror for others so they can see how amazing they really are. It never gets old.


2. What inspired you to start your own business, Mother & Founder Co.
I was inspired to create Mother & Founder Co because of a few things. The first is, as a working mother I quickly realized how difficult it is to have ambitious professional goals and be the mother I wanted to be. I constantly felt like I was ok at a lot but great at nothing. I just kept thinking there has to be another way. My other way was entrepreneurship. I set out to create a business that was more sustainable and respected my & (and). I am a mother & a founder. I am both, where one starts and the other begins is hard to say and I wanted to build a company where one didn’t have to begin and end. I was allowed to bring my whole self to my clients and colleagues. The second, is through all of my work and helping hundreds of businesses, I felt a strong pull to help fellow women believe in themselves. I absolutely love being the accountability partner to a woman who has a dream. During our sessions, I give permission to dream a little bit bigger. to get quiet and listen to their inner voice. For many this is the first time in a long time they have listened to what their subconscious mind is whispering. Fundamental to my personal and professional growth was healing from my own long history of trauma. I helping others do the same was my life’s work. I received my Trauma Integration certification and have been guiding others through the trauma healing process since. It has been an incredible experience and I am so grateful for the trust my clients have in me.


3. What services do you offer?
I offer Trauma Healing services (virtual and in-person), an online Clarity Course to help you reconnect to yourself and purpose, break old patterns and create new habits, 1:1 coaching and Strategic Planning for small business owners.


4. Who needs the most help?
If you are a human, you need some type of personal development.  We all need a safe space to process painful events, receive feedback and share our biggest dreams. People who are really ready to find a way to move forward tend to benefit the most from Mother & Founder services.


5. Where can we find more information on your packages and availability? 
Yes! Visit www.motherandfounderco.com and follow us on Instagram or Facebook @motherandfounderco.
A big “THANK YOU!” to Jen for taking the time to answer some questions for us, as well as offering some of her time to come to our Pro Bono to provide her resources for women! Tune in to The Modern Divorce Podcast in 2022 to hear a little more about her and her business, and keep an eye out for her new quarterly video seminars coming next year as well!
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