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Divorce: a life changing event

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It’s true. Your life will never be the same.

Divorce affects us all.  It is a life-changing event, similar to a birth, a wedding or even a death. It changes the course of our lives. And while it is true that your life will never be the same, it is also true that you can emerge from this event stronger, healthier and happier than you were before. Many of us don’t choose this path, it is chosen for us. Yet it will become part of our story.

But it will get better.

You are not here by accident. You found Modern Law, because we can help. Modern Law was founded by people who care, people who have been there, and suffered the way you are suffering now. My name is Billie Tarascio, owner of Modern Law. Here is a part of my story.

Don’t give up. The beginning is always the hardest.Even A Flower Can Grow Through Concrete: So Can You

For me, divorce changed the course of my life when I was 19. It wasn’t my divorce; it was my parents. I was in college and planning to attend law school, but I had no intention of doing family law. At 19, my parents sat my brothers and me down and told us they were getting a divorce. They had been married for 20+ years. While I understood that relationships are complicated, I was still devastated. In the coming months I watched as the drama unfolded. Being an adult, I was all too aware of the details surrounding the demise of their relationship and their divorce.

Give yourself compassion during your time of transition.

During that time I felt devastated, betrayed, bitter and resentful that my family was falling apart. My reality, my framework, was shifting. If my family could fall apart, then no family was exempt from the effects of divorce: My family that went to church every Sunday, that sat down for meals together every night, my parents who worked together in a business they created together, my parents who were always there for my brothers and me, no matter what sort of trouble we got ourselves into. In the coming months I watched the custody battle unfold.

You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.

I became aware of the role that the attorney was playing in their lives. I became aware of how important it was for the attorney not only to know the law and be a skilled litigator, but to believe in the client. To understand their story, their desires, and the outcome most important to that client.

If you are going through hell keep going.

That’s when I decided to become a family law attorney. I wasn’t interested in sitting behind a desk and pushing paper all day. I wasn’t interested in working for rich corporations helping them to make more money. I didn’t want to spend my days prosecuting or defending those who were charged with crimes. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of the many families going through divorce.

Challenging Times You will emerge stronger.

Family law is a calling. It is not for the faint of heart. As an attorney, we must be ready to walk this road again and again with the families going through it. Each of the attorneys and staff at Modern Law has their own life-changing story that set them on the course to working at Modern Law. As a firm, we have known personal divorce, domestic violence, birth out of wedlock, repeated divorces of our parents, growing up in split and blended families, and the fallout that comes from real-life.

All endings are also beginnings.

We practice exclusively family law and we want to be part of your story. We want to be the attorney, the skilled and knowledgeable litigator, who does more. We want to be the attorney that believes in your case, understands your objectives and your motivations, and helps you to walk through this journey and emerge stronger.

You can create your own opportunities.

At Modern Law, we’re real people, but we’re also the affordable Mesa Arizona and Scottsdale Arizona divorce attorneys that ‘get it.’ We are dedicated to helping families going through divorce, regardless of your income. Our attorneys are knowledgeable, creative, and relentless in pursuit of your goals. We offer options, like flat fee divorce and pay-as-you-go services. We have developed a sister company, Access Legal, dedicated to helping the many individuals representing themselves in family court.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

Modern Law may not be the firm for you. If you are looking to avoid paying child support at all costs, or to screw your ex in every way possible, to hide money, or to cut off your children’s access to a good parent, we are not the right firm for you. Instead, if you are looking for a firm that will work with you, protect your interests, and efficiently and effectively advocate for what is rightfully yours, you may have found your firm.

H.O.P.E. = Hold. On. Pain. Ends.

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