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Kendra Stephanski
Client Advocate

Kendra Stephanski is a client advocate who brings a unique perspective to the field of family law. She grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and graduated from high school in the top 5% of her class. She then moved to Reno, Nevada, where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development and Family Studies, with a minor in Psychology, from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 2019. Kendra is a first-generation college graduate and is extremely proud of this accomplishment. She graduated early, in just 3.5 years, and sees this as a testament to her hard work and dedication.

After graduation, Kendra spent six years working in youth development and program management. However, she always had a passion for learning more about family law and policy on the local and national level, and wanted to be able to support children and families in the most informed way. As a child of divorce and a survivor of domestic violence, Kendra understands the difficulties and complexities that many of her clients are facing. She is committed to showing up for them during some of the most difficult times of their lives, and providing them with the support and empathy they need to get through it all.

Kendra’s professional superpower is her empathy. She approaches all interactions with a patient and understanding demeanor, and has a deep appreciation for the beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of others. She believes that the only way to truly support her clients is to have a full understanding of their needs and wants. She is proud to be part of a team of professionals who combine their training and knowledge with a passion for client health and peace.

Outside of work, Kendra enjoys reading, painting, and playing music. She is classically trained in cello, and has been playing for 13 years. She is also working on learning guitar and loves to sing. She is happy to be living in Phoenix, where she is closer to her mom, aunt, and uncle. Kendra has Celiac Disease, and loves trying new gluten-free foods. She enjoys learning how to bake and cook delicious food that is safe for her to eat. Some of her favorite moments come from sitting with her family and watching television or movies.

Kendra’s personal journey has been marked by a number of achievements and life-changing events. She is proud to be a first-generation college graduate, and to have graduated early. As a survivor of domestic violence, Kendra is able to relate to many of our clients on a deep level. Despite that time in her life being an ultimate low , Kendra refused to allow this situation to be the end of her. With help from her family, friends, doctors, and lawyers, she was able to leave the relationship and begin again. She was in therapy for two years and has grown exponentially as a person. Kendra does not romanticize what happened to her and will never say “I’m grateful it happened”. However, she is proud of the ways she learned to show up for herself and how healthy she is today.

Kendra Stephanski

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