Jen Bone



Jen Bone, known for her bubbly and outgoing demeanor, stumbled into her role as a paralegal accidentally. “A fluke,” she says. She had been helping others as a victim advocate, and getting her paralegal training seemed like a natural step. She left only because she was looking for something she could do from home while raising her family.

She’s spent more than 15 years as a paralegal. After several years working with Modern Law as Certified Legal Document Preparer, she also helps people walk through the do-it-yourself divorce paperwork available through Modern Law’s sister company, I Do Over. She has become a client favorite for her attention to detail and personal support.

She likes to work with all clients and get to know people during the process. Because her personal favorite thing to do is laugh, she has been able to find ways to help people relax during what can only be described as a ‘difficult process.’  “I’m one of the very fortunate people in the world who does not feel like work is work,” she says. “I love what I do.”

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