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Category: Disclosures and Discovery

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What is a disclosure?

Disclosures in Family Law Q&A The judge on my case keeps saying the word “disclosure,” but I have no idea what that means or what to do. What is a disclosure? As part of any

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Divorce: The First 60 Days

You have filed for divorce. What now? You know that there is a 60 day waiting period in Arizona before the court will even consider finalizing your divorce. What can you do to make the

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The Doctrine of “Clean Hands”

The Doctrine of “Clean Hands” There is a legal defense know as the doctrine of “clean hands.” It can be most easily translated as “S/he did it too” (insert bratty voice here). Anyone who has

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Family Law discovery and disclosure
What Must You Disclose In Family Law

Unfortunately, in many cases, a divorce can turn adversarial between spouses. When this happens, mediation typically is not a viable option. Because spouses often hide important financial or personal information from each other, some divorces

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