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Category: Crime and Divorce

sex offenses that affect family law
Sex Offenses That Affect Family Law Matters

When criminal justice and family matters intertwine, the expertise of seasoned professionals like Beth Hoel Goulden becomes indispensable. With 25 years of experience at Maricopa County Adult Probation and a specialization in sex offenses, Goulden

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Prove Abusive Behavior
How to Prove Abusive Behavior

Domestic violence and child abuse are serious matters that occur far too frequently. Statistics for the rates of domestic violence and child abuse are high, but it’s likely that they are still underreported. People are

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Most Common Federal Misdemeanors

When someone thinks of a federal case, they usually imagine big and serious crimes. However, just as there are state misdemeanors, there are also federal misdemeanors which can affect your divorce case. They are still

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