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Attorney Stacey Rogan named July 2023 Employee of the Month

Stacey Rogan

Celebrating Stacey Rogan: Our Remarkable Employee of the Month

We are thrilled to announce an exceptional managing attorney Stacey Rogan, as our July Employee of the Month. With two years of dedicated service to our firm, Stacey has consistently displayed qualities that set her apart. Colleagues and clients alike have lauded her exceptional legal expertise, unwavering compassion, and relentless drive to deliver outstanding results. It’s challenging to pick just one aspect we admire about working with Stacey. Her deep knowledge of the law never fails to impress, but what truly shines is her boundless compassion. Stacey radiates positivity, igniting the room with her vibrant energy. She always puts ‘You’ first, whether it’s me, a client, or her own daughter. That’s what makes working with Stacey truly special.

Undeniable Optimism

Stacey’s optimism and resilience are truly inspiring. She possesses an incredible ability to see the best in people without overreacting. From day one, she fearlessly takes on any challenge, especially when it comes to technology. Stacey humbly acknowledges her imperfections while embracing a learning mindset. Her bravery in unfamiliar territories and her dedicated involvement in our tech committee have made a lasting impact. Stacey’s commitment to her clients has left an indelible mark on their lives, as evident from their glowing feedback:

“Stacey is fabulous! If I ever get married again, I might get divorced again and would call you first. Stacey was wonderful to work with, both on the phone and over email and in person.”

“Stacey addressed every concern comprehensively, helping me and my family achieve the best possible outcome. With her guidance, I found the strength to move forward on this challenging journey.”

Stacey Rogan’s well-deserved recognition as our Employee of the Month showcases her remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. Her profound knowledge of the law, coupled with her compassion and client-centered approach, make her an invaluable asset to our team and the clients we serve. Congratulations, Stacey, on this well-earned honor, and thank you for consistently going above and beyond to make a positive impact within our firm and the lives of those we represent.

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