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Enforcing Parenting Plans
Parenting Time Enforcement: what should you do?
Enforcing Child Support: Where do you start?

Practical Solutions to Legal Problems

by Darin Colburn Anyone who has seen the movie the Rainmaker knows that legal victories don't always have a happy ending. In that movie, Matt Damon, a young and unseasoned attorney, took on the “big insurance” company, ultimately winning the case. It was a huge upset....

Spousal Maintenance Enforcement

When Your Ex Doesn't Pay Support As Required When spousal maintenance (aka Alimony) is awarded, whether through settlement or at trial, most clients believe they can close the book on that particular chapter of their case. In a perfect world, where debtors always pay...

Protecting Yourself During Divorce

Protecting Yourself During Divorce It is common for conflict to exist during family law matters between the parties and/or parties’ family members and friends. Sometimes this conflict becomes so intense that a party must seek protection from the court. This is where...

How do I get an Emergency Order of Protection

I think I may need an Order of Protection, but I'm not sure if I qualify. If I think I'm in danger, How can I get and Emergency Order of Protection? What are the different types of protection and how do I get one? Let's break down the questions step and step to...

Enforcing The Rules In Your Divorce

A few details FAST FACTS If you have a court order that your ex is not following, s/he may be in contempt of court. Modern Law may be able to enforce your judgment. Something special YOU SHOULD KNOW Modern Law can help look for hidden assets and facilitate a...

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