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Many people feel overwhelmed, scared, regretful or guilty when they think about divorce. The legal process seems cloaked in secrecy and the filing clerks sure aren’t helping. If you have to hear they can’t give you “legal advice” one more time, you may lose your cool. Feel free to click around for more information or call today for a consultation. Modern Law is your Arizona divorce attorney and we are here to help.

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A Bully Attorney: How can you protect yourself

Are you dealing with a bully attorney? Far too often, unrepresented clients see themselves being bullied by their spouse’s attorney. This may be due to the attorney’s overbearing personality or possibly your lack of confidence. Regardless of the reason, you should...

10 Tips to Make Divorce Easier On A Budget

10 Tips to Make Divorce Easier on A Budget 1. If at all possible, work together with your spouse to face the financial difficulties, and work out a plan to deal with the existing household and family finances.  This is not easy without help,...

Is This Attorney Right For Me?

• By Billie Tarascio• When to Know If It’s the Right Attorney You may have already met attorneys you weren’t sure about. Or, you may be with an attorney currently, but are beginning to have doubts. So, here is a checklist to help you through the...

The Arizona Divorce Process

ARIZONA DIVORCE PROCESS Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure governs all of the procedural rules in Family Court.  these rules combine elements from the rules of evidence, the Rules of Civil Procedure, and the rules of procedure for juvenile court. The goal was to...


LEGAL SEPARATION VS. DIVORCE Should I get a legal separation or divorce? Her husband's behavior was completely unacceptable. He had literally ignored her for months. He was hiding money. He was staying out to all hours of the night. He was monitoring her behavior as...