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Modern Law represented me in my divorce. They were there throughout the process and made sure the judge heard my side of the story.

~Divorce client

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[Modern Law] will be my attorney of record for my daughter’s youth.

~Paternity client

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I really can’t say enough great things about Modern Law. They are professional, knowledgable, and trustworthy.

~Custody client

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Finding Modern Law was a blessing for me; their services are worth every penny.

~Enforcement client

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For my overwhelming issue, I never felt powerless and believed this team had my back 110%. I would DEFINITELY recommend this firm to anyone in need of an ace legal team.

~Modification client

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Property Division

[Modern Law] provided viable options throughout the process and together we were able to determine the best approach for each decision. In the end, I was very satisfied with the outcome.

~Property Division client

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Spousal Maintenance

In my opinion, Modern Law was the reason I won my case. My attorney helped me get the fair and just outcome I wanted.

~Spousal Maintenance Client

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Child Support

[Modern Law] was very supportive, offering answers to my questions and suggesting strategies for ways I can handle my situation with the least amount of pain and expense.

~Child support client

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