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April EOM

It’s not every day that someone is recognized for their hard work and dedication. However, when it comes to Caitlin Lindahl, it’s no surprise that she has been named employee of the month at Modern Law. Caitlin is a true asset to the company, and her colleagues can attest to the fact that she goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is supported and equipped with the tools they need to do their job well.
One of the things that stands out about Caitlin is her availability. No matter what the situation, she is always ready to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s technical errors or finding ways to improve the way technology is implemented, Caitlin is always the first person to step up and offer her assistance. She is patient and understanding, and her willingness to hop on a Zoom call to ensure her colleagues understand a new concept or process is a true testament to her dedication.
But Caitlin’s availability doesn’t stop there. She is everywhere, whether it’s handling tech in our Mesa office or managing our facilities at our Peoria. location. Even during work events or random mediations in the mountains, Caitlin is always productive and helpful in every environment. Her dedication to her job is truly inspiring, and her colleagues can always count on her to be there when they need her.
Accessibility is a top priority for Caitlin, and she ensures that everyone has the materials they need to do their job well. This includes making necessary accommodations for people with disabilities. She is patient and always willing to take the time to ensure her colleagues understand the technology they are using and how to optimize it for themselves. In fact, when one colleague put in an urgent request for tech for health reasons, Caitlin got the items ordered and sent to their house on the same day. It’s clear that Caitlin is a true rockstar and her colleagues couldn’t do their job without her.
As the gatekeeper of Modern Law, Caitlin is the backbone of the company. She has been with the company since its humble beginnings in 2010 and has watched it transform into a special place to work. She is the longest-serving employee and is a devoted team member who truly kept the team together during the pandemic when the world went virtual. Caitlin runs the office and takes on different roles at different times. She is likely the first person you will meet when you enter Modern Law, and she will know exactly who you should talk to in order to solve your problem. She is also the numbers guru, runs company meetings, and reports on the statistics needed to know if the company is on track.
In conclusion, Caitlin Lindahl is a true gem at Modern Law, and her recognition as employee of the month is well-deserved. Her dedication to her job, her colleagues, and her clients is truly inspiring, and she is a valuable asset to the company. Congratulations, Caitlin!

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