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If you have been suffering in an unhappy marriage and have come to the conclusion that divorcing your spouse is the only road to happiness, it’s time for you to consult an experienced family law attorney. Just as getting into a marriage was a major process, life change and expense, getting out of a marriage can be just as difficult, if not harder. When you decide to marry, though the process is stressful, you are happy and the decision brings good feelings. Divorce, though it will lead to inevitable and hopeful happiness, dredges up many emotions such as anger, depression, stress, resentment and hopelessness. By the time most couples divorce, they have combined a life together with children, assets and finances. Splitting these things amicably is a rarity and needs the professional hand and guidance of Modern Law.

An advocate of support and trust

A degenerating marriage may leave you feeling broken, disheartened and demoralized. Keeping your head held high and standing your ground might feel impossible when the ground beneath you has crumbled. When you are having difficulty defending yourself, you need someone to go to bat with you, someone to fight for your rights. With the experience of a Scottsdale family law attorney at Modern Law, you can have that confidence as you leave your marriage that your voice will be heard and your rights will be salvaged. We take everything into consideration with you as we examine all aspects of your lives together. Splitting things 50/50 is not always fair as sometimes due to emotional damages, contributions to the marriage and assets prior to marriage, an equal share means great personal loss to you. Weighing all aspects will ensure we can fight for what you deserve.

Family Business in Divorce

Family Business in Divorce, Control, Date of Valuation, and the Buy out When there is a family business involved, the divorce process can be even more daunting than normal. In some respects dividing the business is just one more piece of property to be valued and...

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Who gets the kids and who decides what?

Q: "What is the Arizona requirement for what makes a suitable home for a child?" A: The short answer is - Can you make your child safe and comfortable? It is often the case after a divorce that one or both parents will no longer be living in as nice of a...

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Spousal Spying: How Can You Protect Your Privacy

What is spousal spying? What do you do if you think your spouse is spying? How do you know if they are tracking you? Spousal spying comes up all. the. time. In family law cases. Even though Arizona is a “no fault” divorce state, there are times when you...

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Preparing For Your Attorney Consultation

• By Billie Tarascio • Whether your divorce is complex or not, it is advisable to consult with an attorney especially since most will offer an initial consultation free of charge. Not everyone needs an attorney! But, if you have separate property, or other...

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How To Create A Divorce Plan

• by Billie Tarascio • Start by looking at the big picture. Simply put, you need to have a plan. It is what I call your ‘big picture’ guidebook. It is going to help you navigate along the road of your divorce and lead you into your next chapter. You are going through...

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A family law attorney protects your future quality of life

For some, the decision to divorce, even though the happy marriage is non-existent, seems impossible due to the financial hurdles and future ahead. If your spouse is the money maker while you stayed home raising children and caring for a home, the road to divorce appears to be paved with poverty, suffering and financial loss if you yourself are not gainfully employed. This does not have to be the case. If you dedicated your life to support your spouse so they could pursue a lucrative career, you are entitled to a spousal maintenance award. Divorce does not need to mean deficit, debt and difficulty in your future. Your Scottsdale family law attorney has your back and will help you get the future you so selflessly sacrificed so your spouse could succeed.

A committed Scottsdale family law attorney in all aspects of divorce

Divorce creates monsters out of good people. Seeking out meditation for difficult issues such as child support, child custody and parenting is essential to establish healthy boundaries and relationships as you continue to raise children together in separate lives. This needs to be done very carefully and your Modern Law attorney knows the delicate approach for these sensitive situations. Do not traverse the waters of divorce alone. Reinforce yourself with a trusted attorney from Modern Law, we will not let you down.

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