Scottsdale Family Lawyer

Whether you are dealing with a child custody battle, a divorce, or other family issues, an attorney from our team could be the advocate you need to reach a favorable legal outcome. 

Family law cases often present contentious and complex matters. Possessing knowledge of relevant laws and common family issues can help prevent unwanted consequences or future conflicts. A Scottsdale family lawyer could empower you to seek court orders that meet your and your children’s needs. 

Familial Issues Brought to Court

Local legal counsel may be able to help you with a variety of conflicts related to marriage, relationships, and children. Common familial issues which are brought to court include: 

  • Divorce 
  • Child custody 
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Maternity and paternity proceedings 

People often need to address more than one issue in a single family law case. For example, a father may need to establish paternity under Arizona Revised Statute §25-803.D and fight for his right to parenting time with his children. In many cases, it may be necessary to summon expert witnesses or present evidence in court. An attorney who is familiar with family law in Scottsdale could assist you with legally resolving your familial issues. 

Relevant Laws and Court Procedures 

It is important to file your case with the correct court and provide the required documents and information. Failure to follow legal procedures can result in a negative outcome for either party. If your case is dismissed due to improper filing, you might experience a delay in getting legal relief. A dedicated Scottsdale familial issues attorney could help you understand these important procedures and ensure your case’s compliance thereto.

Modifying a Court Order 

If a previously established court order no longer suits your family’s needs, you may need to request that a local judge updates its terms. For instance, a Scottsdale court may modify a custody order if a child is endangered or if a parent relocates to another state. Changes to child support or spousal maintenance orders may also be required based on certain circumstances. Well-versed legal counsel may be able to you in requesting changes to these court orders. 

Let a Scottsdale Family Attorney Help You Today

Addressing problems in family court can be a daunting task. Standing up to an abuser, angry ex, or other family members can be challenging on your own. You may need help with ensuring that the details of any agreements you draft have the desired legal effect. A Scottsdale family lawyer could fight for you throughout the legal process.

State law seeks to ensure that parents and children have stable and healthy relationships. Whether your legal issues are resolved through an agreement or a contested court hearing, your case can have long-lasting impacts on your family. 

A Scottsdale lawyer who has experience with family law cases could help you obtain a court order or legally binding agreement that provides lasting benefits and stability for you and your children. Call today for a consultation with a legal team that will work for you.