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Stephanie Deskins


Stephanie grew up in a small town in southern Ohio, which promoted a personal sense of community and togetherness. While she had a typically traditional upbringing, she spent adventurous summers with her grandparents, RV’ing around the US, Mexico, and Canada. These exciting summers with them carved out a deep love for the outdoors and camping, being one with the peacefulness of nature and its soul-healing capabilities. In spring of 9th grade, her father fell at work and had a traumatic brain injury, resulting in a coma which left him completely disabled. This tragedy turned her parents’ relationship into a difficult series of events which ultimately led to their divorce; giving Stephanie the motivation to begin her journey toward practicing family law.

Journey to Family Law

As Stephanie became older and more experienced, almost everyone she knows has been divorced or has been a child of divorce. She went to law school knowing that she wanted to work in family law, it was something she always had passion for. After taking several law school courses focusing on family law, she knew it was the only area of law she ever wanted to practice. She is drawn to the concept of what is just/unjust in our interpersonal relationships and how that shapes the trajectories of our lives.

Favorite Types of Cases

Stephanie enjoys working on cases with kids and families. Going through a divorce or proceeding that impacts your children can be scary and seem unfair. Her close friends and family have gone through the same thing, mentioning that they don’t know what they are going to do or who they will be after. She wants to work with clients to ensure they have the best outcome for their case, are in the best position to move forward with their family, and reassure them that they do have the strength to get through this. Her caring nature, experience and determination, in all aspects of her life, have made her one of the best attorneys on Modern Law’s legal team.

Education and Experience


Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona – 2018-2021

Doctor of Law – JD


O’Connor Merit Scholar

Willard H. Pedrick Scholar

CALI Award-Family Law

Trial Advocacy Certificate

Pro Bono Highest Distinction

Sustainability Law Research Fellow

Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona – 2016-2017

Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy), summa cum laude

Bachelor of Science (Political Science), summa cum laude

Honors: Dean’s List Fall Semester 2016 and Spring Semester 2017

“The team that worked with me was absolutely amazing! Kylie and Stephanie did an amazing job helping me with everything that I needed! They kept me up to date on everything that I needed to know! They also all seemed to genuinely care! Thank you ALL so much for everything!”

Stephanie Deskins

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