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Snowy Masinga

Marketing Specialist

Snowy Masinga is a Marketing Specialist on the Modern Law Marketing Team. She greets our new and existing clients over the phone, email, and social media with a friendly demeanor and positive attitude. Snowy is the first touch when contacting Modern Law, and she will be your connection to the legal team and family law resources in Arizona. In her free time, Snowy loves to spend time with her kids or watch true crime documentaries and intense series’ based on real-life events.

Journey To Family Law

Raised by her uncle and his wife, who she refers to as her parents, Snowy quickly learned the meaning of family and togetherness. In addition to her, they raised 5 other children, some from previous a marriage, and some from extended family. Snowy watched as they took responsibility for the well-being of their family and grew to understand the importance of community, relationships, and problem-solving; which she considers to be her professional superpower. Snowy’s life changed when she realized that her birthparents made the best decision by trusting her uncle and his wife with her care. Her mother was 17 when she was born, and Snowy having her first daughter at 19, could finally understand how heartbreaking that decision must have been to make. Before that revelation, this misunderstanding brought with it a handful of emotions like guilt, anger and fear. But, through time and therapy, she realized that self-love and wellness is essential to being happy with ourselves, and making others happy.

Favorite Types Of Cases

While Snowy doesn’t work directly with the courts, her favorite part of working in family law is knowing that her job helps families navigate through some of the most challenging moments of their lives. The fact that she makes an impact in the happiness of others motivates her to continue providing our clients with every possible family law resource available to them.

Education And Experience

2014 – Varsity College in Midrand – Business Management & Administration

2019 – Damelin College – Business Systems Analysis

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