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Shane Ross

Case Evaluator

Shane Ross, a dedicated case evaluator at Modern Law, brings a diverse legal background and a zest for life to his role. Although new to family law, Shane has been practicing law since 2018, gaining experience in various areas such as landlord-tenant disputes, business law, and personal injury. His versatility and eagerness to learn make him an invaluable asset to the team.

Outside the office, Shane finds solace in the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether it’s teeing off on the golf course, embarking on invigorating hikes, paddle-boarding on tranquil waters, or embracing the serenity of camping, Shane’s love for nature knows no bounds. Additionally, he is an enthusiastic foodie and enjoys honing his culinary skills. Living with his wife, Lindsay, and their two beloved canine companions, Brody and Penny, Shane cherishes the joys of family and the simple pleasures of life.

Shane’s journey began in Michigan, where he was born, before growing up in the vibrant Tampa Bay area of Florida. He later pursued his college education at Purdue University in the Midwest. After completing his studies, Shane returned to Florida to embark on a career in commercial real estate. In 2012, he made the life-changing decision to move to Arizona, where he embarked on a new path as a lawyer. Since then, he has devoted himself to his legal career, continuously seeking growth and opportunities to make a positive impact.

One of Shane’s most transformative experiences took place a few years ago when he embarked on a challenging four-day group backpacking trip to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail in Peru. The journey involved ascending about 3,000 feet in elevation to 13,800 feet above sea level, all while carrying a 60-pound backpack. Although physically demanding, the experience proved immensely rewarding. It taught Shane the power of mind over matter and serves as a constant reminder that with determination and resilience, any daunting task can be conquered.

In his professional endeavors, Shane believes that empathy and perceptive skills are invaluable. Being attuned to the needs and emotions of others in a room not only enhances his professional interactions but also enriches his life as a whole. Recognizing the power of understanding and connection, Shane strives to approach each case with compassion and a genuine desire to help clients navigate their legal challenges.

Shane’s path to success has not been without its obstacles. He openly shares that he initially faced a personal setback when he failed the Arizona bar exam on his first attempt. While it was a challenging and initially embarrassing experience, Shane chose to embrace it as an opportunity for growth. Through introspection and self-assessment, he identified areas for improvement, made necessary changes to his study process, and ultimately passed the exam with flying colors. This journey taught him the invaluable lesson that failure is an integral part of personal growth and resilience.

With a vibrant spirit, a determination to overcome obstacles, and an unwavering commitment to his professional and personal growth, Shane Ross embodies the tenacity and perseverance required to succeed. His diverse legal background, love for the outdoors, and empathy towards others make him an invaluable member of the Modern Law team, dedicated to supporting clients through their family law challenges.

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