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Katie Stapleton


As a child, Katie grew up in rural Pennsylvania, after high school she moved to Massachusetts for her undergraduate degree at Gordon College. She majored in Political Science and French and spent a little over half a year living in the South of France doing study abroad. In college, she was part of the Student Government and swam varsity by Freshman year. She has one sister who is currently in medical school and living in Maryland. Her childhood was filled with extracurricular activities, a love of reading, and a deep appreciation for family. After the end of undergraduate schooling, she made the decision to move to Arizona. Although her immediate family is all on the East Coast, she felt the need to have fresh experiences and open up to new adventures. Following this decision, she worked to put herself through law school and while it was extremely rewarding it was also incredibly difficult. Conquering this was made easier by her ability and desire to maintain an open mind to accomplish goals. Although it may have been emotionally, and socially trying, Katie learned the importance and reward of meeting new people, having new experiences and working the hardest that she could.

Journey to Family Law

Families and the structure of families are important to our society and well-being. Katie wanted to be able to help people and their families while going through turbulent times, advocating for those who sometimes feel that they cannot speak up for themselves. She feels that the best part of working in family law is helping a client achieve their goal and working with them to better their future.

Favorite Types of Cases

Katie loves helping people come to a meeting of the minds and being able to always be candid with clients. Her favorite type of cases are the ones that many see as complex because she likes the challenge, and often the ability to mediate and come to agreements with opposing party or counsel. She also enjoys litigating, especially for clients who for whatever reason have not been able to speak up on their own.

Education and Experience

Arizona Summit Law School – 2015 – 2018

Why Clients Love Katie:

“Katie and Candice were a great support during this whole process and they helped remind me that I have a voice and what I want matters. I am so thankful for the team at Modern Law. Thank you for helping me to stand tall and being there during one of the most stressful and awful experiences of my life.”

Katie Stapleton

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