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What Are Your Rates?

Our rates are customized to each client and situation. Generally, you can expect to our attorneys to charge between $200-$300 per hour. Our intake specialist would love to discuss your personal situation.

What Types of Services Can You Provide?

Every Attorney you meet with will be a licensed, experienced, Arizona attorney. We can provide every service that a traditional attorney can provide. We can draft documents, help you conduct discovery, provide mediation services, provide coaching, legal research, draft your pre-trial memorandum, help you prepare for trial and more.

What Are “limited Scope” Legal Services?

Limited Scope means that we handle either specific issues or specific tasks of your legal case. You become part of the legal team on your case, you can have an attorney involved as much or as little as you need. By doing all the tasks that you are capable of doing, with coaching by your attorney, you maximize your resources to save you money.

Can You Accept Payment Plans?

Yes. With our services you are not required to deposit a retainer. You can pay as you go for limited scope services. For limited scope services, you must pay up front for the services you need.

Do You Provide Arizona Divorce Attorneys?

Yes, our Arizona divorce attorneys help with all aspects of divorce, including child custody, property division, business valuation and division, mediation, adoptions, and spousal maintenance. Our Arizona Divorce Attorneys are happy to meet with you and help you meet your objectives.

Do You Provide Other Family Law Attorneys?

Yes. In addition to our divorce attorneys, we provide clients assistance with establishing custody or paternity, child support and parenting time. We also help client to enforce their existing orders or modify an order due to a change in circumstance.

Will I Have Access to My Attorney via the Phone or Online?

Will I have access to my attorney via the phone or online?A. Once you have been in for an initial consultation, you and your attorney will define what each of you are working on. If you wish to ask questions via phone about your portion or what the attorney is working on for you, you will call our receptionist and an appointment time will be scheduled for your attorney to call you back. If you wish your attorney to expand beyond the scope of your initial agreement, you must come in and sign either a full scope advanced fee agreement or another agreement for the provision of legal services.

How is Modern Law Different From Pre-paid Legal Services?

Pre-paid legal services is legal insurance. You pay monthly premiums whether or not you need legal assistance. With Modern Law you pay only when you need legal assistance and only for the time you need.

How is This Different From a Document Prep Company?

At Modern Law, REAL ATTORNEYS will see you. We provide legal advice by attorneys specific to your case. All of our work will be tailored to your specific needs, as opposed to simply filing out a form. We have developed a sister company and software, Access Legal, that IS a certified legal document preparer. That company can provide you with legal documents at a fraction of the cost of using an attorney. We recommend you meet with an attorney first to determine all of your options. If you choose to use Access Legal, you will not be receiving legal advice. If at any point in time you do need legal advice, we would welcome you back to Modern Law!

What Are the Types of Orders Protect Against Domestic Violence?
  • Emergency Orders of Protection may be requested by a peace officer on an emergency basis when a person’s like or health is in imminent danger.
  • Injunctions Against Harassment can be granted to prevent a person from committing acts of harassment. There is no required relationship.
  • Injunctions Against Workplace Harassment authorizes an employer to seek a court order preventing an employee from coming to the premises and harassing other employees or patrons.
  • Order of Protection can be granted to prevent specific activity or acts and is limited to people who have specific relationships with the defendant.
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