Don Colburn



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In my mid-twenties, the day I left Nebraska after graduating from law school to travel to Phoenix to begin practicing law, my father filed for divorce from my mother after a long marriage. This was my first “experience” with divorce. My father used my fraternity brother and “pledge dad“ from my small home town as his lawyer. I loved both of my parents and felt “in the middle” and conflicted. My mother never spoke my father’s name again.

I became familiar with Billie and Modern Law several years ago when my son started working for the firm. I was impressed by the firm’s emphasis on being kind, compassionate, and patient with clients, in addition to offering high quality legal services at a reasonable cost. The firm practiced with creativity, optimism, and empathy. The firm used technology and procedures for handling family law matters in order to achieve the best outcome for their clients. The firm also strived to deliver cost-effective legal services and represented clients to achieve the best solution and outcome to meet their clients needs. I jumped at the chance to come out of semi-retirement, not only to work alongside my son, but with Billie and the rest of the Modern Law team. I have not been disappointed.

The Rewarding Path

Although many lawyers, especially family law attorneys, experience burn out, I still find it rewarding to help people through a difficult time in their lives and to help guide them to focus on the hope of peace, tranquility and life after resolution of their family law matter. I am an example, although scarred by the process, that there is light and new life and independence at the end of the family law process.

I look forward to working with Modern Law clients in identifying options for handling of their family law cases, developing client directed strategies, and achieving, either through mutual resolution, or hearing or trial, the best outcome of their family law cases.

This personal experience has given me the ability to help guide clients through the family law process, and relate to what they are feeling and experiencing. It also allows me to counsel clients that no matter how stressful and fearful the process is, there is light at end of the tunnel, and the potential for a new, independent and peaceful life at the end of the process.

Resolving Matters

My strengths include identifying and communicating options to my clients, and risk and benefits associated with those options, so they can make the most informed decisions possible as to the course of action they want to take on their case. My strengths also include being able to resolve matters which seem unlikely to be resolved, through negotiated settlement, before proceeding to a full hearing and trial and spending all of my clients resources.

However, it takes two parties to reach an amicable resolution, and sometimes that it not possible. Another of my strengths is my experience and expertise in preparing for and handling trials and hearings, if necessary, and presenting the best possible case for my clients before the Court. During my 45-year career, I have handled hundreds of trials, and thousands of hearings, and have the ability to represent my clients at hearings and trials, if necessary, to the best extent possible.

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