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Many people feel overwhelmed, scared, regretful or guilty when they think about divorce. The legal process seems cloaked in secrecy and the filing clerks sure aren’t helping. If you have to hear they can’t give you “legal advice” one more time, you may lose your cool. Feel free to click around for more information or call today for a consultation. Modern Law is your Arizona divorce attorney and we are here to help.

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Five benefits to kids of divorced parents

Family Law Attorney Billie Tarascio talks about the five tangible benefits for kids of divorce including more vacations and parties, happier more relaxed parents and the truest best version of you as a parent. Here are the five things that your kids will benefit from...

The Stressful Effects of Divorce On Your Brain

When you go through a divorce, you're ability to remember things and stay focused is going to be difficult. In this video, attorney Billie Tarascio talks about how it affected her, and her children, during the highest stress times of her divorce. There were lost keys,...

Divorce Phase Two: Pre Hearing Conferences

The divorce petition has been filed. The response has been filed. Now what? The Best Case Scenario Both parties agree on everything. Check √ You draft a consent decree and file it with the court. Check √ After the 60-day waiting period, you are divorced. Check √...

Get A Divorce If You Can’t Find Your Spouse

Haven’t seen your spouse in years? Here is the step by step process you need to take to get a divorce when you can't find your spouse! “We were so young" It happens. You meet your soul mate in high school. You plan out your entire future, but are only 16. You and your...