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Avoiding Work

Know someone who’s avoiding child support by being underemployed?

I’ve Overpaid!

Find out if you can get back money if you paid too much child support

Should You Register Your Child Support Order Out of State?

Q: Can Registering A Child Support Order in Another State Create a Loophole That Prevents Collection of Arrears? A: Each state has different rules governing a child support order. To further complicate matters, sometimes parents move from one state to another. To...

Enforcing your rights as a parent

Meet Chris. Chris is a 45-year-old dad with two children. His first child, Josh, is 15, and his second child, Beth, is 11. Chris and his ex-wife, Alice, have been divorced for three years now. When Chris and Alice divorced, they agreed to exercise equal parenting time...

Ending Day Care Expenses In Child Support

Q: I pay $500 Alimony until November, and $1,166.94 in child support. Another $433.33 for day care is added in the child support plus $50 for back pay. How can I take away the day care when she doesn't work? She's never worked. And do I still file a paper if alimony...

How does child care effect child support?

How does child care affect child support? Question: How does my child care and alimony affect my child support obligation? I pay $500 Alimony until November $1,166.94 child support $433.33 day care is added in the child support $50 back pay  How can I take away the...

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