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A law firm that makes clients part of the team

A law firm that makes clients part of the team

A law firm that makes clients part of the team
By Brooke Mortensen, photo by Daniel Friedman
© 2011, Raising Arizona Kids
Billie TarascioBillie Tarascio of Mesa is a partner at Tarascio and Del Vecchio Law, a law firm that caters to clients’ needs and budgets.
Why did you start this business?
According to the American Bar Association, 80 percent of people cannot afford legal services. I wanted to come up with a business model that allowed us to charge lower prices and also a business that gave me the flexibility I needed as a mom. We opened in Arizona in February 2010. Before that I had started the firm concept in Oregon beginning in 2009.
What is your main goal with this business?
Our mission is to “utilize innovation and technology to offer clients unique and customized legal services.” Our services start at $99/hour and a primary goal of our company is to provide affordable legal services to those who cannot afford traditional services. By using the latest technology and thinking outside the box, we have come up with a business model that can be customized to the client’s needs, budget and desires.
Tell us about your kids.
I have a 10-year-old stepdaughter, Kailey, and two boys: Sebastian, who is 6, and Isaiah, who is 4.
Kailey lives primarily in Oregon and spends about 30 percent of her time here in Arizona. She is an absolute joy, does very well in school and is very attached to her brothers. She plays softball and basketball. We really miss her, but my experience with her has certainly given me a better understanding of the emotional interplay of family law.
Sebastian has always had special needs, including developmental delays that affect his social functioning and behavior as well as asthma and allergies that have caused several hospitalizations. He is extraordinary talented in music and math and has his own YouTube channel where he plays drums, piano and guitar. I have learned so much about parenting, the special education system and all of the available interventions that we have as parents.
This summer we are embarking an adventure with EEG biofeedback as a treatment for ADHD symptoms. I have a blog called “The Chronicles of Sebastian,” about the joys and challenges of parenting such a special child. Sebastian wouldn’t have thrived in a traditional child care setting, which really necessitated me becoming an entrepreneur. Now, owning my business, I can be available for the many appointments and phone calls that come with having a child with special needs. I love advocating for children, parents and families.
Isaiah is absolutely hilarious. He loves to strike a pose and can act on demand. He recently learned to ride his bike without training wheels and loves riding on dirt hills. It seems that whatever social deficiency Sebastian has, Isaiah has made up for.
What do you offer?
We offer both limited-scope and full-service legal services. That means you can hire your attorney to do as much or as little as you need. We practice immigration law, family law, small business services, civil litigation, immigration, estate planning, bankruptcy and property law issues.
How do you differ from other law firms?
We are the only Arizona law firm that I am aware of focusing on offering limited-scope services. Specifically, that means we are able to do pieces of the case without taking the entire case, and we are able to help people help themselves. In the event a client needs more services, we can become their full-scope attorney.
What are your biggest challenges?
We are a new firm, offering a new model. Our challenge is to become known and adapt our policies as necessary to meet our clients’ needs. When we initially opened, our focus was exclusively limited scope. What we found was that some of our clients wanted and needed full service. We intend to continue listening to our clients’ needs and adapting as needed to meet our mission.
What else do you want people to know about your business?
We attorneys love what we do. We have a professional, yet laid back, family-friendly office. Our clients are part of our team.
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