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23 Apr

The Business Valuation Process

This is a guest blog by my friend and colleague Matt Cassidy. Matt does a great job providing comprehensive business valuations quickly, effectively and affordably. The Business Valuation Process   At our company we have a tag line that says, “We value your business”. What I am going to attempt to do over the next few months is to dissect the appraisal process and attempt to explain what the driving factors in a business appraisal are and how you can apply this to your business and Read more [...]
07 Apr

When is the Ideal Time to Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney?

When is the Ideal Time to Speak to a Personal Injury Attorney? IMMEDIATELY! As soon as physically possible after an accident occurs. I know you may be suspicious of my motives, as I am admittedly (and proudly) a personal injury attorney. But hear me out. I have had people come to me months after an accident, after the insurance company has asked for the same documentation for the fourth time, or refused to accept liability, or the insurance adjuster has suddenly turned from best friend Read more [...]
03 Apr

The first step for alimony: Do you Qualify?

The analysis of spousal maintenance in Arizona is a two part question. One, is someone entitled to maintenance? If so, how long and for what amount should the spousal maintenance award consist of? Question One: To determine is someone is even eligible for spousal maintenance (Alimony), Arizona Revised Statutes 25-319 lays out four initial factors to be considered. Maintenance may be awarded to a spouse who: lacks sufficient property, including property apportioned to such spouse, Read more [...]
31 Mar

Why it is Important to Pay Child Support

Why it is Important to Pay Child Support  Child support is something that many parents are forced to pay after they go through the huge transition that is divorce.  Although it may not be something that many parents want to pay, it is very necessary, and it is important to always pay child support in the appropriate amount on time.  Not only is child support crucial for children as it provides necessities for a parent’s child who cannot provide for them in person, but there are also many legal Read more [...]
29 Mar


ATTORNEYS FEES- AN UNPLEASANT SURPRISE I have learned so much from working with lawyers from the client’s perspective. I recently received a very unpleasant surprise, and it isn’t the first time it has happened. I hire an attorney for a project. We come up with an estimated retainer. I deposit the money and off they go. Months later after the project is completed I get an invoice. Undoubtedly the invoice well exceeds our retainer and I am annoyed, angry and feel I was wrongfully over Read more [...]
28 Mar

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Debt Assignment – Bankruptcy and Divorce While many couples are dueling out over who gets the table and chairs, other couples are trying to figure out which spouse should be stuck with debt after a divorce is finalized.  Across the country of the United States, there are a lot of different ways that the state governments deal with assigning the debts.  Most states follow a common law practice, but several states recognize community property.  The state of Arizona is one that recognizes Read more [...]
26 Mar

Long Term Separation vs. Divorce

Long Term Separation vs. Divorce With any divorce, emotions are sure to be running high and it can be difficult to think clearly when things are changing so quickly.  More and more couples in Arizona have been going through periods that are called “Trial Separations” and “Legal Separations”.  The main difference between the two is that a trial separation does not involve any legal documentation or lawyers, while a legal separation requires both.  Both types of separation have Read more [...]
24 Mar

What is the Difference between an Annulment and a Divorce

What is the Difference between an Annulment and a Divorce In the state of Arizona, there are two different ways to completely dissolve a marriage.  Although there are various ways to go through a separation, an annulment or a divorce are the only ways to completely end the marriage.  Many couples who are considering this may wonder what the difference is between a divorce and an annulment.  These are two very different things that involve different processes and have varying end results. Definitions Read more [...]
10 Mar


You’ve just received a Divorce petition from your spouse, and it’s caught you off guard.  There were some differences, but you never thought he/she would want to end a marriage, after twenty years, with children, and shared memories.  But, perhaps your spouse has met another, and wants to end the marriage, and remarry this partner.  Since Arizona is a ‘no fault’ state when it comes to ending a marriage, does it give you any chance to oppose the divorce? This is a guide to understanding Read more [...]
07 Mar


If you are planning a divorce, you’ve done internet research, and gotten many pop up ads for ‘Do It Yourself” (“DIY”) divorce kits. Divorce is a dissolution of marriage.  Should you attempt to dissolve it yourself, or let a lawyer handle all the work?  The answer depends on you and your circumstances. The Numbers Game When you and your spouse want a divorce, agree on the terms, and haven’t been together long enough to accumulate community property and debts, DIY divorce could Read more [...]
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