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Why Modern Law

I am a lawyer. I am also a business owner. I use lawyers for issues related to business, intellectual property and ethics. I recently engaged ethics counsel to make sure that prior to launching Modern Law Forms, I am in absolute regulatory compliance, so the Arizona State Bar doesn’t disbar me. My attorney wanted me to come to her office for an appointment. She is, of course, located in downtown Phoenix.
First, I had to clear my calendar to allow for drive time there, parking, meeting with the attorney, and drive time back. Then I actually had to sit in traffic, use my GPS to find the office, then find parking, then get into the correct building, get yelled at by the bell hop for using the wrong elevator, go to the 21rst floor receptionist, down to the 18th floor for the correct conference room, and meet with my attorney. The attorney is great. The experience was not great. Also, as you can imagine, someone has to pay for the high-rise experience and “validated parking.”  My phone died on the way back because of the GPS and I literally lost ½ day of productivity.
This experience reminds me of why we are Modern Law and how you can expect a different experience with us. First and foremost, we can meet via video chat or go to meeting. This allows us to share documents, see each other face to face and have a high quality meeting from the comfort of our home or business. No parking issues, no travel issues, no traffic issues. No lost productivity or time away from work. This also means, we don’t need fancy 21rst floor office space, and, we don’t have to charge you $400/hour to cover our overhead!
What do we deliver? We offer streamlined, efficient, effective legal services by top-notch attorneys. We offer personalized customer service in a relaxed friendly environment either in our office or via the web. We are professional, practical and on your team. We are Modern Law.

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