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As Thanksgiving approaches I wanted to take the time to do a different type of blog and share why I love what I do!
Many people have a hard time understanding why I would want to do family law. Why would I want to spend time with miserable people acting emotionally and going through what is assured to be one of the worst times of their lives.
For starters, work is never boring. I never wanted to look at contracts all day- writing about subrogation and indemnification. My day is filled with conversations with people. No two cases are exactly the same. I get to learn about how a family was structured and why they are restructuring. I learn about family businesses and investment strategies that worked or didn’t. I learn about how parents co-parent their children before and after divorce. I ascertain people’s objectives and help them find the best and most cost effective way to meet their goals.
In addition to not being boring, family law is making a difference in people’s lives. Without a doubt, I have the ability to influence people for better or worse in how they conduct themselves during their family law matter. My counsel will have an impact on a relationship between people and their children. I have the ability to help people make the best of their situations and come up with creative solutions to various problems.
As an attorney, my primary function is to give people a voice. My job is to take care of all of the procedural requirements and allow people to tell their story. In the event a case goes to trial, a Judge will determine the outcome. My job is to help my client clearly and convincingly communicate what they want and why they want it.
A family lawyer has a variety of tools available in the toolbox. Unlike a civil litigation attorney, I do not treat every case in the same manner. Depending on the case, we may file only a limited number of pleadings. In an uncontested divorce or legal separation I may only draft a Marital Settlement Agreement, Petition Package and Default Application. In another case we may utilize all forms of discovery including depositions, request for admissions, interrogatories and more. In a complex case involving business valuation, spousal maintenance, domestic violence or hidden money, we a case may take a year or even more.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, family law isn’t optional. Unlike business clients, corporate client or even estate planning clients my clients don’t always have a choice about the situation they are in. People all over the country have families, spouses, children and step-children.There are so many ways that family law affects our lives. It is essential for family law attorneys to offer high quality and affordable services for the majority of the public.
I am truly passionate about increasing access to justice. I love that I am able to offer everyone, regardless of the budget or problem, options for help with their family law problem. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my job, the people I work with and for, and my family. I feel truly blessed to do what I do everyday.

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