Vanessa Adams

Legal Assistant


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Why did you get into family law/law? 

I was looking for a change but also wanted to find something that I could use the skills and experience I already had. Social work gave me a good foundation but I wanted something more that I could grow into a career while still providing help to those who need it.

What is your favorite thing do outside of work?

I enjoy family time. This could be us all going on bike rides or to the park or even just all hanging out in the living room together but doing our own thing. I also have found I enjoy working out. In 2020 made it a goal to lose weight and develop better eating habits to be healthier. I ended up losing about 65lbs and cleaned up my eating significantly.

Working out has become something my fiancé and I do together now and we even created a small home gym in the garage. Sometimes the kids join in and sometimes they just play out front which still allows them some active time.

What is your favorite type of case to work on or type of client to work with?

I have learned that I enjoy working with clients who are really trying to better themselves and/or their situation. Individuals who are putting in the work it takes to change the things in their lives that would provide more opportunity for joy.

Where did you go to school/grow up/how would you describe your childhood? 

I was born and raised in Arizona. I grew up an only child with my mother. I went to Glendale High School and was involved in cheerleading for both football and basketball. I did play one season of volleyball (we did not win one game). I think I had a great childhood.

My mother always worked hard and went above and beyond for me providing everything I needed and I anything I wanted. We have a strong relationship between us.

I went to GCC where I earned my AA (I was going to be a teacher but then worked in a day care and decided against that idea.) I then transferred to ASU where I completed my undergrad and graduate programs. I completed both of these programs online except for my first semester of undergrad.

What is your professional superpower? 

I understand that people have bad days and I do not know what they have gone through or are going through at that particular time, so I do not take things personally and let people have their moments. I also feel that I am good at lightening the mood and providing a moment of joy for those who are in stressful situations.



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