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Divorce Attorney Mesa AZ- Things NOT to do When You’re Getting a Divorce

Divorce Attorney Mesa AZ-Things NOT to do When You’re Getting a Divorce

Things NOT to do When You're Getting a Divorce
Things NOT to do When You’re Getting a Divorce

When couples are facing divorce, it is easy for things to become complicated.  It is a confusing and frustrating time for everyone involved, and it is a very easy time to make the wrong decisions.  Here are a few things that all people should avoid doing if they are considering a divorce, as well as the reasons why.  It is very important to follow proper procedures and handle the matter as simply and smoothly as possible, and NOT doing these things will help this:

  1.  Never hide things from an attorney
  2. Don’t send threatening texts or do things just to hurt your spouse.
  3. Avoid showing anger, aggression, or other emotions in the courtroom.
  4. Try not to increase your debt, and do not build debt in your spouse’s name.
  5. Never, under any circumstances discuss your situation, advice, and plan that you have developed with your attorney with anyone else.

Hiding Things from an Attorney:
Remember that an attorney is on their client’s side at all times, regardless of the situation.  It is their job to determine what is going on, as well as make plans to help make the best of the situation and have the case resolved.  If you do not tell them that you cheated, gambled, or anything else that will affect the situation, then you will be facing court hearings unprepared and your attorney may not be able to save the case without all of the information or the full story.
Sending Threatening Texts or Other Harmful Things:
It is natural to be angry and upset during a divorce, and the stress of the situation only makes things worse.  No matter how angry or upset you are, it is never a good idea to send threatening messages or make comments that you know will hurt your spouse.  Remain calm and try not to make the situation any worse than it has to be.  Not only will this make things harder on an emotional level, but you may be faced with charges in court which will affect the outcome of the case.
Showing Anger in Court:
Although this will be difficult, when you appear at hearings it is essential that you do not yell, become aggressive, make threats, or show your anger in front of the judge.  It will make you look immature, dangerous, and can sway the opinion of the judge, as well as draw everything out far longer than it needs to be.  You should always go in calmly and be straightforward and honest.
Increasing Debts:
Even if you are currently able to support yourself without a problem, a divorce is very expensive and is bound to make your financial situation change drastically over the following months and years.  Even if you do not foresee a problem, it is important to be prepared, and facing debt as well as divorce is not a pleasant situation.  Building debt in your spouse’s name is also illegal and will come with repercussions for you.
Discussing Situations, Private Advice, and Plans:
One of the advantages that your attorney has in a case is that your plans and advice are kept private and confidential.  You can be prepared to enter the hearing, and know what is going to happen, but the moment you discuss the situation with anyone other than your attorney, that advantage is compromised and information can easily change hands without your knowing.

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