Ryli Julander


As you transition through your case with Modern Law, Ryli’s purpose and goal is to enhance a positive environment and support you in every way possible. She is driven by your satisfaction. Ryli’s fundamental purpose is to assist the attorneys in preparing for trial and managing cases. In addition, she is the one who greets you when you visit our office and stands as the point of contact if she is assigned to your case. She can guide you through Modern Law’s procedures when starting a new case, filing documents, preparing disclosures, and communicating with the legal team.

Ryli recognizes the common occurrence of family struggles and experienced divorce first hand when her parents split when she was 10 years old. Being an only child, she underwent her parent’s divorce alone. Which, in turn, made her stronger and more motivated. Ryli became ambitious to use her personal experiences to show compassion for others and provide encouragement through the emotional process.

Ryli grew up in Southern California her entire life. She moved to Logan, Utah at 18 years of age. She attended Utah State University, where she obtained her Associate’s in Science. After two long years, she came to the realization that the cold was not a suitable environment for a girl who grew up in Southern California. Fittingly, she moved to sunny Arizona. After a year, she met her husband and they were married in Newport Beach, California, close to Ryli’s hometown. They now live in Gilbert, Arizona with their new puppy.

Once Ryli was hired at Modern Law, she quickly developed a goal to become a paralegal, although she was initially appointed the role of a secretary. The legal team recognized and supported her desire. They enabled her to progress and grow in the company. Ryli is currently going to school to obtain her paralegal certificate and a second Associate’s Degree in paralegal studies.

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