Craig Raymond

Associate Attorney
After being granted the privilege to practice law in Arizona nearly 24 years ago, Craig is all too aware of the impact of that decision. “It’s been an incredible honor  to practice law and to be entrusted with what is usually the single most important issue going on in a person’s life when I get a chance to meet and represent them,” he says.
As a young man, he learned how to hit a baseball, and remembers being told “hitting is about confidence.”  What he didn’t realize it at the time, was that he really was being taught was how to attack life and what would eventually become his profession.  It didn’t come easily at first, he admits. “After being decked many times, I am beginning to model humble confidence,” he adds.
He has learned how to never give up, particularly when it comes to those who need help. “Prosecuting sex crimes cases for many years teaches you how to protect children.  It can teach you about the deepest darkest waters of the human heart in those who would hurt a child.” He was able to navigate that difficult world, and learned how to be successful at removing abused and neglected children from dangerous situations.
He honed his legal skills overseeing guardianships of minors and adults, private severances, mental health cases, criminal, civil, juvenile delinquency and dependency cases and domestic relations cases. At Modern Law, he takes these skills and puts them to work in family law situations to protect the parties involved.
It’s a devastating process, but Craig has seen it all. His tenacious approach and willingness to step up for people who need help have made Craig an asset for situations where protection is needed. “Where I come from we had a team motto: I may give out, but I will never give up,” he says. “I never had a problem with the latter.”