Stephanie Deskins

Law Clerk


Stephanie Deskins Modern Law

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie grew up in a small town in southern Ohio, with a sleepy, midwestern vibe that produced humble events like “Drive-Your-Tractor-To-School Day”. While she had a typically traditional upbringing, she had adventurous Summers with her grandparents, RV’ing around the US, Mexico, and Canada. The time she spent with them carved out a deep love for the outdoors and camping, being one with the peacefulness of nature and its soul-healing capabilities. In Spring of 9th grade, her father fell at work and had a traumatic brain injury, resulting in a coma which left him completely disabled. This tragedy turned her parents’ relationship into a difficult series of events which ultimately led to their divorce. Giving Stephanie the motivation to begin her journey toward practicing family law. 

Stephanie is currently waiting for her Bar results but has worked in certified limited practitioner clinics, has spent time with children in DCS for the immigration clinic, and she’s also externed with family practitioner. She CALI’d in family law (which means she was the best in her class), wrote her ASLJ comment on Family Law, and will complete mediator training this month, and she’s also a member of ASU’s ABA Representation in Mediation competition team. With a multitude of formidable qualities and background experience, we’re grateful to have Stephanie on our team and we look forward to her becoming a valued Attorney here at Modern Law!


Why Family Law?

“As I’ve gotten older, almost everyone I know now has been divorced or has been a child of divorce. I went to law school knowing that I wanted to work in family law, it was something I had always been passionate about. After taking several law school courses focusing on family law, I knew it was the only area of law I ever wanted to practice. I’m drawn to the concept of what is just/unjust in our interpersonal relationships and how that shapes the trajectories of our lives.”


FAvorite types of Cases

“I enjoy working on cases with kids and families. Going through a divorce or proceeding that impacts your children can be scary and seem unfair. I’ve heard so many friends and family going through the same thing say that they don’t know what they are going to do or who they will be after. I want to work with clients to ensure they have the best outcome for their case, are in the best position to move forward with their family, and reassure them that they do have the strength to get through this.”


Promoting Health & Happiness

“I moved to Arizona in 2014. In 2017, a long-term relationship (7+ years) ended and I found myself in Arizona alone with all my family in Ohio. I had always moved for someone else’s career – from Ohio to Texas in 2012, then Texas to Hawaii in 2013, then finally to Arizona in 2014. I had never stayed or moved for myself and my dreams. I had a lot of decisions to make and decided to stay in Arizona on my own. I completed my undergraduate degree and for my 30th birthday present to myself, I applied to law school. I had to completely change how I viewed my own identity and my idea of what my future was going to look like. I started volunteering more and doing more things that made me happy. I learned how to put my own happiness and wellness first.”

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