Chandler Family Law Attorney

When you get married, you hope it is forever and you will happily grow old together. As the realization of this dream deteriorates and divorce looks you right in the face, it can feel like your life is shattering into a million fragments. The loss of your beautiful dream can leave you suffering with debilitating emotions. Many good people are taken advantage of in situations like these by a manipulative spouse who can leave you with very little, devastating your future for the rest of your life. Taking great care before this scenario becomes your reality is imperative. You need a Chandler family law attorney immediately. As your marriage declines, arm yourself with an advocate who will speak up for your situation. Separating two lives that have become melded into one over the years requires the experienced hand of a law professional at Modern law.

A family law attorney who listens

Dissecting two lives intertwined and woven together over time is messy, painful and overwhelming. You cannot do this alone. You need a mediator in all aspects and your Chandler family law attorney will help you, piece by piece, disentangle a difficult marriage and determine the appropriate steps to take. We will weigh all factors with you. Did you work two jobs to put your spouse through years of expensive schooling? Were your needs put on the back-burner as the career of your spouse propelled forward? This is a situation where, without an experienced lawyer, you could come out of a divorce without your entitled share. Do you own property or assets together? Splitting these equally without your spouse running off with your share requires a competent family law attorney who will stand up for you.

Get A Divorce If You Can’t Find Your Spouse

Haven’t seen your spouse in years? Here is the step by step process you need to take to get a divorce when you can't find your spouse! “We were so young" It happens. You meet your soul mate in high school. You plan out your entire future, but are only 16. You and your...

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High Net Worth Property Division Considerations

Arizona law provides for the equitable division of community property upon divorce, no matter what your total net worth. For the average American this entails dividing real property, personal property, vehicles, financial accounts, and maybe a retirement account or...

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Ending Day Care Expenses In Child Support

Q: I pay $500 Alimony until November, and $1,166.94 in child support. Another $433.33 for day care is added in the child support plus $50 for back pay. How can I take away the day care when she doesn't work? She's never worked. And do I still file a paper if alimony...

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Who gets the kids and who decides what?

Q: "What is the Arizona requirement for what makes a suitable home for a child?" A: The short answer is - Can you make your child safe and comfortable? It is often the case after a divorce that one or both parents will no longer be living in as nice of a...

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Spousal Spying: How Can You Protect Your Privacy

What is spousal spying? What do you do if you think your spouse is spying? How do you know if they are tracking you? Spousal spying comes up all. the. time. In family law cases. Even though Arizona is a “no fault” divorce state, there are times when you...

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Your Chandler attorney will enforce your rights

When children are involved in a divorce, these things need to be handled cautiously. In a perfect world, two mature adults would consider the precious needs and sensitivities of the children before their own but this is not always the case. Enforcing your rights as a parent and protecting the children sometimes needs a dedicated lawyer to ensure your soon-to-be ex does not take advantage of you or the kids. Considering all aspects of child support rendered and custody rights is vital as the divorce moves forward. Establishing boundaries, rules and parenting styles from the beginning safeguards the future of you and the child. In these situations, you cannot always trust your ex to abide by verbal agreements. With the law on your side and legal documents to support you, it will be easier move forward with your new life.

Defending you as a client till the end

Once your divorce is final, does not mean our relationship with you as a client ends. It is our hope that your ex behaves kindly and appropriately but this might not be the case. In the event that your ex-spouse deviates from agreements previously made, we will fight with you. As you uphold your end of the divorce arrangement, you expect your ex to do the same. We help you keep it fair. Our clients are clients for life and we will happily aid in these battles.

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