Scottsdale Postnup Lawyer

Something has happened within your marriage, and you think you may need a divorce. You are aware of your financial exposure within your marriage and want to protect yourself, but you aren’t quite sure you want a divorce. This may be the best time and the most common reason to see a postnup lawyer and consider entering post-marriage contract.

When spouses enter into a marital contract after their wedding, it’s called a postnuptial agreement. While there are many reasons to look at getting a postnup, the biggest reason is certainty and stability when you need to make a change.

A postnup can provide stability in an ongoing marriage by deciding certain factors that are usually very contested in local family courts. A judge may also integrate these agreements into a divorce settlement to significantly shorten the legal process.

A Scottsdale postnup lawyer could assist you in drafting and executing an agreement with your spouse. Our qualified team of marital agreement attorneys could meet with you to identify your goals, provide valuable insight, and present the terms of a postnuptial contract to the courts on your behalf.

Postnups Can Strengthen a Marriage

Couples do not need to enter into a postnuptial agreement with the idea that their marriage will eventually end with a divorce. In fact, a postnup agreement can help prevent dissolution by outlining what choices a court will need to make about the property rights of both parties.

When both parties are aware of the consequences of a divorce, it tends to be less likely. Also, the existence of a postnup can remove some of the financial stress a couple was feeling before they changed the financial terms of their marriage. The knowledge and experience of a Scottsdale postnuptial contract attorney is absolutely crucial in the drafting stages because these agreements are subjected to higher scrutiny than pre-nuptial agreements. They must be executed correctly to be enforceable.

Postnuptial Agreements and Divorce

A divorce is always a major undertaking. Family law judges must decide many important matters like property division, spousal support, and either party’s rights to insurance benefits and pensions for a divorcing couple. This can lead to a high degree of uncertainty in a marriage already under stress.

Entering into a postnup contract can help alleviate doubt. According to state law, local courts can integrate an agreement into a final divorce decree if a judge finds that it is legally valid.

A postnup contract lawyer in Scottsdale could help you better understand the effects that a postnuptial agreement could have on a potential divorce. If a divorce is already underway, one of our experienced attorneys could help defend the validity or challenge the postnuptial, depending on your goals.

Let a Scottsdale Postnup Attorney Help Protect Your Marriage and Future

If your marriage is suffering, a postnup may relieve the financial pressure of community property laws and allow you to heal within your relationship. It is a sad fact that over half of all marriages end in divorce. Despite this fact, your marriage does not have to meet this outcome. Entering into a postnup agreement can help prevent a divorce by outlining the financial consequences for each party and allowing the relationship to thrive.

Even if your marital contract is not successful in preventing a divorce, it can provide stability for your future and protect you from a spouse who spends too much money, isn’t contributing financially, or controlling your monetary decisions. A properly formatted and executed postnup agreement can significantly shorten the divorce process and allow you to make preparations for moving forward.

Fortunately, our dedicated legal team would be very familiar with the ins and outs of drafting a legally binding contract. Call our firm today for more information about the benefits of hiring a Scottsdale postnup lawyer.