Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed. Fortunately, an experienced and compassionate family law attorney could help you through this difficult process. You should enlist the help of a Scottsdale divorce lawyer to secure your financial safety, achieve a fair division of property, and ensure that any custody orders are in the best interests of your children.

What are Marital Fault and Covenant Marriages?

For most marriages, the courts do not have to find any fault or reason to grant a divorce. Under Arizona Revised Statutes §25-312, the only required justification for most divorces is that the marriage is irretrievably broken.

However, some unions in Scottsdale are covenant marriages, which can be more difficult to dissolve. A covenant marriage is established when a couple includes written intent to enter such an arrangement on their application for a marriage license. You may only dissolve your covenant marriage if your spouse:

  • Commits adultery
  • Is convicted of a felony
  • Regularly abuses drugs or alcohol
  • Abandons the marital home for over one year
  • Inflicts physical or sexual abuse against you, your child, or a relative living in the marital home
  • Agrees to a divorce

A Scottsdale marriage dissolution attorney could help explain grounds for a divorce and assist you in filing a petition to initiate litigation with your former partner.

Dissolving a Marriage and Addressing Contested Issues

A local family court is responsible for deciding contested matters that a divorcing couple can’t independently agree on. For example, a judge would allocate separate property and marital assets to the appropriate spouses according to relevant state laws. The courts may also award a spousal support or alimony if appropriate.

Court orders in divorce cases can significantly impact your financial future, so you should consider retaining a Scottsdale lawyer for help with achieving a fair and favorable outcome.

Child Custody

If a divorcing couple shares children, a judge may need to address child custody. Court orders may include provisions on parenting time, legal and physical custody access, and child support. State law emphasizes that the best interests of children must be upheld by any decision from the tribunal.

What is the Role of Discovery?

Parties to a divorce must participate in the discovery process and provide one another with financial documents and other important information. A local family court can’t issue a divorce if the parties fail to comply with important regulations and courtroom processes. A knowledgeable lawyer in Scottsdale may be able to ensure compliance with legal procedures to help you reach a divorce decree as quickly and easily as possible.

Reach Out to a Scottsdale Divorce Attorney Today

Obtaining a divorce can be a stressful experience, especially if tension is already high between you and your spouse. You may be worried about your financial situation or the welfare of your children.

A Scottsdale divorce lawyer could stand up for you and help alleviate your stress during this process. Find out what advice legal counsel could offer by calling our firm now.