Determining Child Support in Scottsdale

A parent is eligible for child support if they are not living in the same house as their child’s other parent and they have parenting time or parental responsibility for their children. In the event the kids move to their grandparents’ house or another housing situation without their parents, neither parent would receive child support; however, the grandparents would then be eligible for support from both parents.

The process of determining child support in Scottsdale can take anywhere from three months to one year. Local family courts often evaluate child support payments by first figuring out the parenting time arrangement, the parties’ incomes, and other factors in the calculator.

The Role of a Parent’s Behavior

There is no mechanism by which child support is affected by a parent’s behavior or spending patterns. The only exception might lie with time and legal decision making. A parent convicted of child abuse might not have any parenting time, in which case their child support order would be impacted because the amount of time they spend with their child affects the total obligation of their payment.

Alimony Payments

Spousal support impacts income, and income is one of the most important factors in determining child support in Scottsdale. If one parent receives spousal maintenance, that increase in income can affect their overall award of child support. The parent paying alimony will have a lower income, which will also affect their child support obligation.

Pendente Lite

Per Arizona law, pendente lite is a temporary order pending a final order. Pendente lite can help one parent receive financial support until a permanent child support amount can be established.

When someone files for divorce, the dissolution of their marriage might not be finalized for 12 to 18 months, during which time one parent may need child support. In such an instance, a temporary order or pendente lite may be issued to order child support until a final order can be rendered.

Pendente lite child support guidelines can be prolonged or made permanent if the parties agree that the presumptive amount of child support is correct and should be made permanent. Otherwise, it can be recalculated at the final hearing and may depend on whether or not the temporary award was correct or if changes have occurred.

Relevant Evidence

When determining an appropriate child support payment in court, an attorney can use income documents like W2s, tax returns, bank statements, or anything else that might show money received to accounts. Even spending patterns can be used to determine income when there is not a good trail of evidence.

A member of our team could also utilize items like daycare receipts to establish childcare costs, which is another discretionary factor that can be imputed into the calculator. Other evidence that might be helpful in determining child support in Scottsdale includes receipts from a special needs’ provider or for special equipment that the parents use to care for their children.

Learn More about Determining Child Support in Scottsdale from an Attorney

If you are preparing to litigate child support payments with your spouse, you should not face the legal process alone. One of our steadfast and experienced lawyers could assist you with identifying an amount of support that would adequately meet your children’s needs. For more information on what goes into determining child support in Scottsdale, call our firm today.