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Say WHAAAAA? Study Says that Couples with Daughters More Likely to Divorce

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Study Says that Couples with Daughters More Likely to Divorce
Recent research done by Amar Hamoudi and Jenna Nobles that shows that couples with daughters are more likely to divorce. Their research shows that marriages with firstborn daughters are more likely to end in divorce than marriages with sons born first. This doesn’t mean that all marriages that produce daughters first will end up in divorce. If you are a married couple with a firstborn daughter, you do not need go to marriage counseling.
The link that Hamoudi and Nobles found is not that simple. The studies and research shows that the difference between the development of male and female fetuses play a role in the divorce. Hamoudi’s and Nobles’ research suggests that female embryos handle maternal stress in the uterus differently than males. In simpler terms, when a mother is experiencing troubles in the marriage, her female fetus will be able to survive for a longer time. When a mother is emotionally stressed, her body will react. This is natural for everyone facing emotional stress, but this is especially prominent in mothers.
It is very common for female survival to protect the uterus during any type of attack – such as, an emotional attack. This means the females are more likely to live longer than men. Even though this statement has not undergone a lot of research and study, Hamoudi’s and Nobles’ research shows promising evidence. Their research shows that the survival advantage may start at the moment of fertilization. A lot of research and studies so far have shown that the survival advantage starts at birth. It is the survival advantage of pre-birth females that got Hamoudi interested to take a closer look between marriages that result in divorce and daughters.
It may sound surprising to many of us that having a firstborn daughter  can increase the chances of a marriage ending in divorce. Of course there are marriages with firstborn daughters that survive for over 50 years. However, at the same time, there are marriages with firstborn sons that don’t survive over 3 years. This research is relatively new. It seems very promising but there is no need to be skeptical and in panic. If you have a firstborn daughter and you have been married for 10 years, you do not need to panic and talk to a marriage counselor. There is no need to create problems that weren’t there in the first place.
If there are problems in the marriage, you should go to a marriage counselor. If the problems do not work themselves out, you should file for a divorce. This is the natural flow into a divorce. Divorces do not happen because a couple sees that their firstborn is a daughter. You do not need to pop the “It’s a Girl” balloons just yet. Also, if you see that your firstborn will be a girl on the ultrasound, you should not be alarmed about your marriage. The important thing is to enjoy your marriage and work out any necessary problems. Just because there is research done doesn’t mean that it will happen to everyone, but if you need advice, contact an attorney today.

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