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Pro Bono Day 5: Free Family Law Consultations

Pro Bono Day 5

The time for resolutions is among us and we’re keeping up with our traditions too! Modern Law’s fifth Pro Bono Day will be located at our Mesa from 3-6 P.M. on February 11, 2021. Every other month, we host a free Arizona legal event at one of our 5 offices throughout the Valley. During these events we offer free family law consultations, up to 30 minutes, for clients needing assistance getting their divorce or family law cases started. Clients are welcomed to speak with a licensed Arizona attorney about their legal case at no charge. If you decide you would like to hire one of our attorneys, they can help you get signed up in minutes. You’ll leave with more money in your pocket, with an opportunity to actually meet your new attorney in person.

Our last Pro Bono Event was the first we’ve held in our Mesa location in Dana Park, and things went off without a hitch! We helped over 20 people get their cases started via free 30 minute consultations with our attorneys. Joining us to offer additional support to the attendees were Jennifer Burwell, of Mother and Founder, who offered advice and guidance for women who own small businesses, or are looking to begin their own after divorce; as well as Rilus Dana of Dana and Associates, who helped a few of our guests with estate planning and probate matters. Here are some photos from the festivities at Pro Bono Day IV:

If you need help with your divorce case and are looking for free family law consultations, sign up and save your spot at our February event below:

*RSVP Directly to Pro Bono Day 5 via our Jotform*

If you would like to speak to a Client Advocate about your Pro Bono Day and our practice areas, please contact us at (480) 571-0346 or via email at info@mymodernlaw.com.

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