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Company: Tarascio & Del Vecchio

Having an attorney does not have to be expensive! Tarascio & Del Vecchio is dedicated to increasing access to justice through the promotion of low-cost limited scope legal services. They have literally thrown out business as usual to bring you affordable legal services. Their firm offers licensed Arizona attorneys who can help with all areas of Family Law, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Real Estate Disputes, Criminal Law, Immigration, and more!

Tarascio & Del Vecchio’s model of business keeps costs low and eliminates administrative fees allowing them to offer great savings to each client. By utilizing their limited scope model, you do not have to deposit a retainer and you may pay-as-you go. This way, you are not paying for the clients who do not pay their bills! In the event you determine you need more help, their attorneys are available to work under the traditional advanced fee model to offer you the full service of an attorney including in-court representation. Whatever services you require, Tarascio & Del Vecchio can give you the legal services you need at an affordable price!


380 Q Street Executive Suites #4

Springfield, OR  97477

Retail Price: Attorney hourly rates starting at $99/hour.

Media Contact: Billie Tarascio