Common Causes of Post-Divorce Disputes in Peoria

By the time a couple gets divorced, they usually wish they would never need to go near a courthouse again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way, and there are several reasons why you may have to go back to court.

Non-payment of divided property, child support, or alimony are the most common trigger for post-divorce disputes. Other events might be after discovered assets or debts. A couple who gets divorced and subsequently discovers assets or debts that were not included in their original marriage dissolution may need to open the case to have an asset divided.

Assets which need to be transferred from one party to another that do not get transferred are also commonly disputed after a divorce decree. If one party is ordered to pay the other’s attorney’s fees for the divorce and they do not do it, the receiving spouse would have to ask the local family court to enforce the order. To learn more about the common causes of post-divorce disputes in Peoria, it is best to speak with a lawyer from our firm.

Changes in Employment

A change in employment can affect many aspects of a divorce decree, including child support and spousal maintenance. If someone is suddenly making more or less money, they may be subject to a modification of child support or spousal maintenance.

Moving out of State

Moving out of state will only affect a person’s divorce agreement if they have children and there is a custody or parenting time arrangement in place. If they do not have children, then moving out of state would not affect their divorce decree. A parent who moves out of state essentially renders their current parenting plan worthless and would need to modify it.

Family Violence

Violence between the parties also commonly causes post-divorce complications in Peoria. They may need to implement a restraining order with an attorney’s help after their marriage has already dissolved, and that would also affect their custody plan.

Ask an Attorney about Common Causes of Post-Divorce Disputes in Peoria

A person may need to reach out to an attorney if they believe that they are going to have a post-divorce dispute, but it depends on what the issue is. Not every dispute can be handled by a lawyer. In fact, many former spouses have issues that they can work out independently in one way or another.

However, it can be substantially beneficial to understand the legal consequences of an agreement. If any paperwork is not properly processed through the courts, then both parties are at risk of having that agreement undone at a later time.

Attempting to resolve a post-divorce dispute on your own could put you at risk of doing it wrong and having your agreement invalidated. An attorney from our team would be familiar with the culture of local judges and the common causes of post-divorce disputes in Peoria and could help you anticipate how the law may be executed in your case.

You should speak to one of our lawyers about the consequences of your decisions, agreements, and whatever outcome you want that may be contrary to the underlying court order. Call our firm today to learn more about your options from a professional legal advocate.