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Terri Pruett


Terri Pruett is Modern Law’s bookkeeper and an inspiring woman who has accomplished many great things in her life, despite the challenges she has faced. She grew up in Longview, Washington, a small city just north of Portland, Oregon, and graduated from Robert A. Long High School. Driven to explore more out of life, Terri moved to the Portland area shortly after graduation.

Throughout her career as bookkeeper, Terri has worked in family law for five years and in the legal field for twelve years, helping people through some of their toughest times. Her professional superpower is being able to get along with just about anyone. When it comes to fun activities outside of work, Terri loves spending time with her family and friends, watching football (Go Ducks!), hitting the casinos and taking road trips. She also adores her three fur babies – two amazing girls and one boy!

A proud mother of two daughters, Terri experienced unimaginable grief when her husband passed away due to cancer in February 2020. In search of a fresh start and new surroundings, she relocated herself and her children to Gilbert, Arizona, where both of her sisters live. Having them close by has been instrumental in providing emotional support during this difficult period. Despite the difficulties that come with parenting alone, Terri has proven to be resilient throughout her journey, showing us all that anything can be overcome with love and dedication.

Terri Pruett

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