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Mbali Ngcobo

Client Advocate

Mbali joined Modern Law as a client advocate in 2022, with a strong background in public relations and current studies in law. As someone who is among the first to speak with clients, she joins the team that works with our clients as they begin their journey in their family law case.

She grew up in a small South African township called Olivahoutbouch. Her father passed away when she was very young, leaving Mbali to grow up with her mother, sister and brother. She graduated with studies in public relations which made her a good fit for Modern Law, in addition to her work in the legal space where she worked for several years. In fact, her interest in law has prompted her to begin studying for her law degree, which she is actively pursuing.

Her first love is spending time with family, from doing movie nights to picnics, to cooking together. “I also enjoy a bit of downtime with friends and catching up on interesting podcasts.”

Life Changing Event

She experienced a critical life-changing journey when her newborn son was diagnosed with a liver disease. He is awaiting a liver transplant and in the hospital since his birth. It hasn’t been easy for her and her family. “I believe this experience forced my personal growth because I had to understand that life keeps moving even though there is a lot happening and a lot to deal with.” she says.

“My other responsibilities still need ME to show up,” Mbali says. “I would say the tool that was most useful through this process is don’t stop; just take a break then keep on pushing.”

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