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Mark Anderson

Social Media Manager

Mark Anderson is the Social Media Manager at Modern Law. He manages and maintains content for our social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more with the primary goal of solidifying Modern Law as one of the best divorce and family law firms in Arizona. He also takes the lead on website maintenance, search engine optimization, data analytics,  external digital and print marketing, and a dash of photography. While social media marketing for a law firm can be challenging, working together as a team to outline ideas and execute our plans has been incredibly successful and fulfilling for him.

Journey To Family Law

Mark attended university in Indiana, Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism in May of 2012. After realizing that news reporting at the local, small-town newspaper wasn’t what he had in mind, he decided to find something more profitable in the area. Investigating the potential for job opportunity in his hometown could have been his first ground-breaking piece of journalism. Knowing that more opportunity was to be found out west, he moved to Arizona in 2016 and started at a call center in Mesa. After being promoted to the marketing team just months afterward, he found a way to meld his writing skills and social media interest into a new niche for himself. Upon discovering the position for Social Media Manager at Modern Law, he switched gears from the home decor market to legal services. Not having much family law experience, apart from having divorced parents who live cross-country, he’s had the local community’s best interests in mind; with a personal emphasis on the well-being of the children involved. His main goal is to make ‘Modern Law’ and ‘supreme representation’ synonymous. We are here to make a difference, as well as an impact.

Favorite Types Of Cases

Any type of family law case is saddening to some extent. Wills means the consideration or acceptance of someone passing. Divorce means the end of something fruitful, which never properly bloomed or was cut down in its prime. Domestic violence of any sort means that someone was put in harms way. And child custody, means a tiny soul is being torn in two for reasons it probably doesn’t understand. Mark feels that any case that puts clients in a position they had written off because they thought they were convinced they had no way out, is a success. The biggest triumph is everyone involved finally understanding that the best move was to move apart.

Education And Experience

2008-2012 – Indiana University of Pennsylvania – B.A. in Journalism

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