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Kathleen Gilbertson

Of Counsel Attorney

Kathleen Gilbertson is the research engine and ace-in-the-hole lawyer at Modern Law. She is an AV rated attorney who has been performing high level and complex legal analysis for years. She is a trailblazer, being one of the first attorneys to focus her career primarily on legal research and writing. She paved the path for women in law as a freelancer so she could also focus on raising her two girls, both now grown.

Journey to Family Law

Kathleen has over 26 years experience with legal research and writing, is very skilled in crafting persuasive legal arguments and has extensive knowledge of many areas of the law. After working with Kathleen on several high profile and complex cases, it was clear this superstar attorney would be a fantastic permanent addition to Modern Law. Her experience and expertise elevate every single attorneys ability to advocate for family law clients and allows Modern Law to add an expert appellate attorney to the group.

Favorite Types of Cases

Kathleen found her way to helping preserve and protect families through her compassion and life experiences. Her professional “superpowers” are her outstanding legal research and writing skills, which helps Modern Law creating a solid foundation for its clients. Kathleen values the love and support of her family, that has seen her through many difficult times.

Education and Experience

Kathleen is a native of Texas and Arkansas, having grown up in Texarkana, which boarders both states. She earned her bachelor of business administration and management with a strong emphasis in accounting in 1990, graduating Summa Cum Laude from now Texas A&M University. She earned her juris doctorate in 1994, graduating with honors from the William H. Bowen School of Law, where she served as a law review associate editor, co-founded the Environmental Law Society, was an active member of the William R. Overton American Inns of Court, a member of Phi Delta Phi Honor Society, and was the recipient of an American Jurisprudence Award. She is admitted to practice law in Arkansas, Arizona, and before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Why Clients Love Kathleen:

Persuasive techniques won’t be strong enough to get the opposing party to settle. Kathleen is the sophisticated and eloquent writing skills outmatch even the most well-trained journalist, her words speak for themselves.

Kathleen Gilbertson

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