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Joshua Robinson


Joshua was born in Detroit, MI. The North has his heart in some ways, but he moved to Orlando, FL at a young age and can proudly call himself a Floridian. Orlando is a city with a lot of heart, he brings that with me everywhere he goes. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Legal Studies, and a specialization in Law and Society, the study of how law applies, influences, and evolves as it relates to people, societies, and tribes. He grew up in the face of adversity, but it never felt that way because of the amazing friends and loving family that he had growing up. His childhood was full of a combination of playing outdoors, often in the woods, with friends and my brothers, or (as an introvert) staying shut in and enjoying the books and RPG games that he loves. He got into Law because he felt a really deep passion to help others when he was a teenager. Joshua comes from an upbringing of adversity and being taken advantage of, and my good nature pushed me to look for a cause in which he could help others avoid such things if possible. He started at politics in college, but quickly moved over to law. He thought that his grades were well enough that he could pursue a career as a lawyer, and that he would definitely be in a position to help others if he did. After just a short time, he grew a passion for law and the legal system, and it’s been dear to his heart since. For Joshua, nothing beats a great day of outdoors, whether it be hiking, kayaking, fishing, etc. whenever he gets the chance to have some free time.

Journey to Family Law

Joshua has worked in various fields of law, but Family Law in particular just felt right, he says. For him, it has been a deeply worthy cause to help someone during what is possibly the worst time in someone’s life. He cares deeply for others and wants to help people, using his passion of Family Law to do just that. He cherishes the rewarding feelings that come from making a client smile, or helping someone feel relief in a difficult time. “Everything we do helps to inch a person closer to their goals, but being able to see the real appreciation is so rewarding,” he says. Josh just wants to do his part in making the world a better place.

Favorite Types of Cases

Joshua prefers working on cases that aren’t so “cookie-cutter” because he likes seeing and learning new things. As for his favorite kind of client, he always appreciates the super-organized clients who are on top of their agendas; the kind who have and provide all the right documents, and respond to phone calls and emails asap. Joshua does find that they’re a rare kind of client, so his runner up would have to be clients that are honest. He’s committed to doing the best work he can for our clients, regardless of their circumstances, and that is always easiest when they’re honest with everything.

Education and Experience

University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL – 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies  / Specialization in Law and Society

Valencia College, Orlando, FL – 2014

Associates in Arts

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