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Jennifer Zapor

Legal Assistant

Jenny was born in Las Vegas, Nevada then later moved to Los Angeles, California and then St. Paul, Minnesota. Finally, she arrived in Arizona for her freshman year of high school. She went to high school in North Scottsdale at Norte Dame Prep and got her bachelors in science at The University of Arizona. Jenny’s parents divorce happened when she was a senior in high school, it has made her much stronger, independent and the person she am today. She feels lucky enough to learn from their mistakes and ultimately lead her to have a passion with Family law and making sure others know they are not alone in this process, regardless of how lonely it may feel. In her free time, Jenny’s favorite things to do outside of work are being around friends and playing with her dog!

Journey to Family Law

Jenny has always wanted to help others through her own personal experience with Family Law.

Favorite Types of Cases

Showing clients that they are not alone throughout their case and being able to provide the support they need are what interests Jenny most about family law.

Education and Experience

Jenny is currently on her first year of practicing in the field and constantly studying to further her career in family law.

Jenny Zapor

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